(John Provencher) is a designer based in New York City currently working at Wolff Olins. He works both individually and collaboratively across design disciplines. His work often takes the form of systems, print, moving image and web, all with the goal of enhancing the context it serves. (+++)

John has earned a graphic design BFA in 2015 at California College of the Art’s, San Francisco. He has worked for Red Antler, NJ(L.A.), Volume Inc., California College of the Art’s and as a freelance designer for various clients.

If you’re interested in working together or collaborating, feel free to get in touch.

1. Unlikely Symphonies
Identity, print, motion, web
The work of John Cage strives to challenge our preconceptions of art and music to expose us to life’s subtle beauty. (+++)

This project was an attempt to create an exhibition that would give people a space to experience the works and insights of John Cage in the contemporary world.

Role •Direction •Design •Production

Project link www.johnprovencher.com/UnlikelySymphonies

2. Career Expo 2015
Identity, print, motion
California College of the Arts annual Career Expo hosts employers eager to hire students. (+++)

The campaign consisted of a graphic system that played off the idea of an internet job search, in which the Career Expo is a much better alternative.

Role •Direction •Design •Production

Project link www.johnprovencher.com/CareerExpo

3. Posting Posters
Interactive, web
Posting Posters formats content from Twitter and Giphy into printable, tabloid sized (11 in x 17 in) posters. (+++)

These posters are generated using only html/css. Content posted online is composed and consumed privately. Posting Posters is a tool that transforms private content into public artifacts.

Role •Direction •Design •Production

Project link www.johnprovencher.com/postingposters

4. Life, Society, Culture
Interactive installation
Life, Society, Culture is an experiment to generate a film created entirely of participants. (+++)

Each frame of the animation was submitted by a participant over the span of 4 days. By developing and designing a processing app, I was able to prompt participants with a set of instructions that would guide the animation. There are 3 sections, each with slightly different simple instructions (i.e. Use the mouse to draw and trace the circle).

Role •Direction •Design •Production

Project link www.johnprovencher.com/lifesocietyculture

5. California College of the Arts
Print, motion
Designs for various California College of the Art’s events (+++)

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Role •Direction •Design •Production

Project link www.johnprovencher.com/conceptlectureseries
Project link www.johnprovencher.com/inmotion
Project link www.johnprovencher.com/level3review